Translating Coaching into Therapy

The Benefits and the Boundaries
By Lynn Grodzki

published in The Psychotherapy Networker Magazine

Published July/August 2018

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Imagine you’re learning to ride a bike and you’ve asked two people to help: a therapist and a coach. The therapist might stand off to the side, closely...Read More »

How Collaboration Promotes Behavioral Change

As therapy methods progress, so does the positioning of the therapist. But for many therapists, the role of hierarchy still holds firm. Does it make sense in today’s shorter-term, proactive climate of treatment?

Its time to take another look at that stance in light of my clinical model that bridges coaching...Read More »

How to Retain Therapy Clients

Do you have clients who leave therapy before treatment was complete? It happens to all of us. Signals of poor client retention and client frustration with therapy can sound like: “I can talk to a friend and get the same kind of help you are giving me” or “I am...Read More »

Clinical Blossoming: How a coaching style enhances psychotherapy and counseling

In 2010, I began to notice that my normal way of working as a therapist was changing. I was curious about the change, but in no way worried. It was interesting, in the way that it interests me to walk out into my garden and see the emergence of a...Read More »