Look Inside: Therapy with a Coaching Edge

Therapy With a Coaching Edge

Therapy with a Coaching Edge:

Partnership, Action and Possibility in Every Session

By Lynn Grodzki    (W.W. Norton, May 2018)

Have you been interested in what coaching techniques might have to offer your therapy clients but unsure how to proceed, or curious as to whether a coaching approach is a “fit” for them… or you?

If so, Therapy with a Coaching Edge is the book for you.

Here, professional practice guru Lynn Grodzki offers a new, paradigm-changing therapy model—adding the leverage and action of a coaching approach to the wisdom and goals of psychotherapy.

Grodzki presents a set of powerful coaching strategies, learned over time from many coaching experiences, which she adapted and designed specifically for therapy, to provide more reach and range for therapists and counselors.

Using this model, therapists at all levels of experience can promote behavioral change without insisting on homework or rigid protocols. Clients can spot results in each and every therapy session. Resistance to treatment often softens and client retention improves.

The book gives new and veteran clinicians the skills to:

  • Improve client outcomes

  • Call a client into action

  • Learn to ask compelling questions that generate “ah-ha” moments

  • Help clients go beyond a discussion of symptoms to explore topics of core values

  • Show clients how to make decisions based on both necessity and a vision of a better future

The model provides readers with just-in-time learning, to identify a skill when it is needed and then immediately apply the steps in a session. It helps therapist use a model that will energize themselves as practitioners and make therapy faster, easier and often more successful.

Lynn Grodzki, an expert psychotherapist and master certified coach, has proven herself to be a trusted voice for therapists through her writing and workshops; she makes the steps to using a coaching approach understandable by offering lively case examples, “your turn” exercises, and sample scripts to give her readers the confidence and context to move forward.

Welcome to Therapy with a Coaching Edge.

Ready to look inside?

Therapy with a Coaching Edge

Partnership, Action, and Possibility in Every Session

PART 1: The Foundation

1) Therapy with Something Extra
Get better results in therapy by implementing a new model based on a coaching approach.

2) Where Therapy and Coaching Meet
Clarify the common ground and obvious differences between therapy and coaching.

3) Who’s Coachable within Therapy?
Identify those clients who can benefit from a proactive model.

4) Creating Therapist– Client Collaboration
Apply a partnership position to promote behavioral change.

5) Results in Every Session
Improve client satisfaction and retention, session by session.

PART 2: Skills for Partnership

6) Skill #1: Ask Effective Questions
Expand therapy sessions with more “ah- ha” moments by asking the right question.

7) Skill #2: Be a Strategist with a Twist
Help clients resolve big decisions by advancing client- based control.

8) Skill #3: Add Humor and Lightness
Encourage the therapeutic alliance by being authentic and flexible.

PART 3: Skills for Action

9) Skill #4: Call a Client into Action
Assist client readiness for forward movement.

10) Skill #5: Add Shared Accountability
Support clients in accomplishing their desired goals.

11) Skill #6: Deliver a Coaching Edge
Practice the art of giving direct, concise feedback to boost motivation.

PART 4: Skills for Possibility

12) Skill #7: Align with Core Values
Show clients how to make decisions based on meaning and purpose.

13) Skill #8: Find the Metaphors that Matter
Elicit client- driven symbols and stories that strengthen change.

14) Skill #9: Design a Plan for Life
Invite clients to define the future they desire.

The Best Blend
How to integrate Therapy with a Coaching Edge with existing methods of therapy and counseling.


A quick review of checklists, exercises, and action steps for easier application

  • Guidepost for Client Suitability

  • Strategies for Collaboration

  • The “Getting to Yes” Session Plan

  • List of Effective Questions

  • Stages of Strategic Partnership

  • Therapeutic Alliance

  • Client Readiness

  • How to Lend a (Limited) Hand

  • Steps to a Coaching Edge

  • List of Core Values

  • Client- Based Metaphors

  • The Five- Year Life Plan


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